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Our Story

Since 2007, our food has been a labor of love and a testament to the power of unity. Founded by Marie, who hails from the vibrant Sinhalese community in Watala, Sri Lanka, and Pratheepan, whose roots trace back to the colorful Tamil heritage of Valvettithurai, we embarked on a culinary journey that defied the odds.

Our story is one of love that blossomed during a time when ethnic tensions divided the Sinhalese and Tamil communities. In the face of vehement opposition, our shared passion for Sri Lankan flavors and a belief in the unifying power of food brought us together. We saw beyond the divisions and embarked on a shared mission – to bring the authentic tastes of Sri Lanka to all.

With a commitment to preserving the original flavors of our homeland, our restaurant became a sanctuary for those seeking the genuine taste of Sri Lankan cuisine. We've stood strong through the years, cherishing our commitment to authenticity, whether it's Marie's Sinhalese heritage, Pratheepan's Tamil roots, or the fusion of flavors that celebrate both traditions.

Today, our restaurant is a haven for those who appreciate the beauty of diversity and the harmony that emerges from it. Our unique dishes represent not just the fusion of Tamil and Sinhala flavors, but also the harmonious union of cultures that have thrived for generations.

Our enduring promise is to continue serving the authentic and diverse tastes of Sri Lanka, while promoting understanding, tolerance, and unity through the language of food. We believe that love can indeed conquer all, and that our dishes are a testament to the power of shared experiences, shared heritage, and shared love.

We invite you to join us on this extraordinary culinary journey, where every bite is a celebration of unity through flavor. Thank you for being a part of our story.

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